Lena Reyes Rodriguez

Hello all, as you guys may know my grandmother Lena Rodriguez "Honey" was taking from us Monday September 23,2019 at 2 am at Simi Valley advantist hospital due to long term health issues. She was a daughter, a grandmother, a sister, a Tia and a friend. She always told me stories about her working in the fields and the chickens, and how she met my grandfather. She was always a hard working woman up to the time she become a stay at home mom. We will always remember her as the life of the party. She was always known as a jokester and someone that always had a smile on her face. She brought everyone joy and happiness, and there was never a dull moment. She always took care of kids including my self and she loved it. She was always encouraging and she would always tell me "Mija always go to the top and do what you want, and dont worry about what people say". I always took in all the tough love her and my grandpa told me. I wouldn't be the woman I am today with out them. Lets keep my grandmas memory going and spread her love. Please join us at the service information below.